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Forget DIY: When To Call A Plumbing Professional

As a homeowner, it's easy to take running water and functioning drains for granted. But when these amenities suddenly stop working, your home life seems to be suddenly put on hold. While it may be tempting to attempt to perform sewer cleaning and water heater maintenance yourself, this can often lead to more damage and longer downtime. When the following home plumbing issues happen, it's time to put down your home tools and call a professional plumber.

The water isn't draining or flowing well

Almost every homeowner has faced this issue at some point. But it's important to notice when this is more than a small issue. If your drain clogs once per month or starts clogging more than ever before, you should schedule professional cleaning. A professional can get to the root of the problem and remove whatever is causing the clog.

The sewer line is backing up

This issue can be highly stressful, since you likely can't use the toilet, shower, or sink until the sewer backup is cleared. While you might attempt to reach the pipes that you need to, it can be difficult to find a quick fix. Schedule expert sewer cleaning to get the system back in shape.

You want to start a plumbing project

Installing a new sink or toilet? This is best left to the pros. Unless you are an expert plumber yourself, it's easy to make small mistakes on the pipes and valves that could ultimately ruin the project. A plumber will know where every attachment should be.

Your home doesn't have hot water

While not having hot water can ruin your daily shower, it usually means bigger trouble for your water heater. By hiring a professional, they can determine whether you need water heater repair or replacement. This way, you can get the most out of your payment.

The pipes have burst

This issue generally happens in the Winter, when water freezes and expands within your pipes. This is an emergency, since broken pipes can cause major leaks. Call a professional right away to have the pipes repaired.

By taking these common home plumbing issues seriously, you can keep your pipes in top condition and allow your home's water to flow properly. This allows you to keep your routine on track and enjoy your home fully. And when the next incident happens, a plumber will be there to help.