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Homeowner Tips: Avoid These 3 Drain Cleaning Disasters in the Making!

Drain cleaning is an important part of homeownership. Although you might not be as knowledgeable or skilled as professional plumbers, you still have to know the basics when it comes to drain cleaning -- at least cleaning during a drain emergency or when doing a routine wipe down of your kitchen and bathrooms.

As long as you're careful with your drains and avoid a few common mistakes, you should be completely fine. Fail to heed this advice, and you could soon have clogged drains that stink up every room in the vicinity. Here are some common drain mistakes that people often make when cleaning out, or at least attempting to clean out, their drains.

Improper use of chemicals

If you're cleaning your drain, it's essential that you use the right amount of chemicals to do so. If you're using too much of a certain drain unclogging product, for instance, you run the risk of causing further drain and pipe damage. Additionally, if you're not using the right product to clean your drain, you could be doing much more harm than good. There are so many caustic chemicals that can lead to serious problems with your drain and even more serious health concerns.

Sticking items down the drain

For some reason, so many homeowners think that shoving a broom handle, coat hanger, or other household utensil down the drain will miraculously fix any stubborn clog or issue. That is NOT TRUE. For the most part, drain blockage occurs so far down the drain that no household item will even come close to reaching it. Even if your broom handle does reach it, however, you'll end up pushing the blockage even further and might even snap the handle, getting that stuck down there in the process. Simply put, don't shove things down your drains.

Not asking for professional help

Professionals recommend having all your drains cleaned at least once every two years. During serious plumbing emergencies, you need to swallow your DIY pride and contact a plumbing or sewer cleaning professional. Drain cleaning is a skill that not everyone possesses -- so you should take advantage of experienced professionals. At the first sign of serious trouble, contact them so they can assist you with your draining problems. Ignore this advice, and overflowing pipes could cause serious water damage to your home.

Whether you need assistance with your water heater repairs or just need your drains professionally cleaned, your local plumbing pros should be able to handle problems both large and small. Even if you're a DIY inclined homeowner, you just won't have the necessary equipment to perform adequate drain cleaning or repair.

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