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How Can I Keep My Pipes From Freezing This Winter?

Winter is on the way, which means colder temperatures and vulnerable pipes. Pipes can freeze when there's limited insulation, cold temperatures, and high water pressure. Frozen pipes aren't only an inconvenience. They can also be disastrous and cause plumbing nightmares.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent frozen pipes this winter. Examine the following tips to help prevent your pipes from freezing and your home from flooding this holiday season.

Keep the heat running
Many homeowners choose to turn their heat off if they're going away for the holidays. However, you can help prevent frozen plumbing by keeping your HVAC system on. Granted, your heating doesn't have to be up all the way. Homeowners who don't have pets are recommended to set their heating system above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Pet owners, on the other hand, are recommended to keep their homes around 65 degrees.

This ensures your pipes stay warm enough all winter long It also keeps any water inside the house from freezing while you're away. Many a traveling homeowner has come home from a trip to discover that the water inside their toilet bowls has frozen.

Let your water run
Leaky faucets have been known to waste up to a gallon of water in a week. But when your plumbing is threatened it may be one of the best ways to prevent frozen pipes.

Let your faucet run a gentle stream. This keeps the faucet open and helps to reduce the pressure on the plumbing system. The less pressure placed on the pipes, the less likely they are to burst.

Leave your cupboards open
It may seem strange to leave your cupboards, as well as other interior doors, open. But your pipes are often located inside cabinets.

By having your cupboards open, you're allowing the heat from inside the house warm the pipes inside the cupboard. And, by leaving interior doors open, you're ensuring heat is evenly distributed throughout each room in the house.

Insulate your pipes with heating tape
If you can access your pipes, consider using electrical heating tape to help prevent your pipes from freezing. Electrical heating tape can be applied directly to the pipe.

However, before applying heating tape to your pipes it's essential you follow the exact instructions provided by the packaging. This is because heating tape can be dangerous if not used correctly.

There are two types of electrical heating tape. The first needs to be plugged in and then unplugged when it's no longer needed. The second is able to turn on and off automatically when it senses a change in temperature. Contact an Elkhart plumber if you have difficulty reaching your pipes to insulate them.

It's never fun to have a frozen water pipe during the winter. However, with proper prevention, you can help keep your pipes from bursting this winter season. For more information on pipe insulation or water heater repair, call Ace Plumbing today.