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Signs Your Water Heater May Be Failing Faster Than You Think

Tank water heaters typically last anywhere between 10 to 13 years whereas tankless waters can last for a total of 20 years with proper maintenance and repair. However, not every homeowner moves into a home with a brand new water heater and are therefore unaware of the exact age of their tank.

Yet it isn't always age that leads to the failure of one's water heater. Some homeowners are simply unlucky. To keep your home from suffering damage and to keep your family safe, here are some of the most common signs that your water heater is failing fast.

Your water heater's age

As mentioned before, some homeowners are unaware of the exact age of their water heater. This can be dangerous as many water heaters can sometimes show no signs of failure before their age causes them to bite the dust.

Your water heater's age is surprisingly easy to find. Locate the manufacturing sticker along the upper side of the water heater and then find the serial number that correlates with the sticker. The serial number will contain the date of the water heater's manufacturing.

The actual date indicated on the sticker may seem complicated to read because it isn't quite written the way an average date would be. The first letter of the code will correlate to a specific month. For instance, A is the first letter of the alphabet and therefore represents the first month of the year, January.

The next two digits in the code will represent the year itself. For instance, if the next two digits are 96 in the code, the water heater was manufactured in the year 1996. If your water heater is over 10 years old and has shown signs of leaking or damage in the past, it may be in your best interest to seek a new water heater installation.

Changes in the water

Since your water is filtered through the water heater, one of the best indicators of a problem is the water itself. If you see rust-colored water in your shower or sink when you have the temperature turned to hot, it's definitely a sign you'll need a water heater replacement or at least a water heater repair.

The rusty water is a sign that the anode rod inside your water heater has decomposed and now the inside of the tank is rusting away. Should your water continue to come out rust-colored despite filtering out the rusty water from your tank, it may be a sign for a new water heater installation.

Another sign to look for is any leaking around your tank. Small leaks may not be a problem and can be easily fixed by a water heater installation company. However, if your water heater continues to leak despite maintenance and repairs, you may need a replacement.

Taking care of your water heater is essential, but especially now with winter fast approaching. Be sure to know the date of your water heater's manufacturing and that you pay careful attention to any leaks. A water heater failure is no homeowner's cup of tea.