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Simple Tips To Improve The Lifespan Of Your Water Heater Before Winter

With fall officially here and winter on the way, your the lifespan of your water heater has never been so important.

You may be able to put your water heater's maintenance on the back burner during the summer. But before the flurries start to fall, you'll want a guarantee that your water heater is in the best shape possible.

Here are a few ways you can help to improve the lifespan of your water heaters to help keep you warm all winter long and for many more snowy seasons to come.

Flush out your tank

It's typically recommended to flush out your water heater once a year at the very least. This helps to prevent sediment buildup in your tank, especially for older tanks. It also helps to keep the efficiency of your tank at its highest. Flushing your tank can be done simply by hooking up your backyard hose to the tank and letting the water drain off into the street gutter. If you don't feel comfortable draining the tank yourself, contact your water heater repair service to let the professionals handle it.

Consider using water softeners

Many houses in the U.S. have hard water in their water heaters. Hard water is when the mineral content in is high, causing deposits to accumulate on the inside of your heater. This can have a big impact on your water heater's lifespan and can make your heater work far harder than it needs to. To reduce wear and tear on your plumbing system after you've had the area looked at by a water heater repair service or plumber, consider using water softeners to reduce the amount of mineral deposits.

Use a second anode rod

Anode rods are the sacrificial lambs of your water heater. Because water heaters are made up of stainless steel, the water can cause the metal to corrode over time. To expand the life of the water heater, an anode rod is deposited into the heater as the focus of the water heater's corrosion. This rod is made up of either aluminum or magnesium and can last a long period of time. However, if the rod breaks down prematurely it can result in damage to your water heater. Therefore, placing a second anode rod into the system or having a professional do it during your water heater installation will help keep your water heater up and running longer.

Your water heater is your main source of heat during the winter months. To ensure your heater is up and running at its best efficiency, be sure to have routine maintenance performed every year, especially before the winter season.