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Why Are My Pipes Making A Weird Vibrating Sound?

Most homeowners are "gifted" with the casual common plumbing problems such as a leaky faucet or frozen pipes. In fact, up to 10% of American homes experience leaks that waste almost 90 gallons of water every day.

However, other unfortunate homeowners get to experience plumbing problems they never thought they'd see. Or, in this case, hear.

Vibrating pipes can have three potential causes. Either one of the pipes is loose, you have water hammer, or you may have a problem with your home's water pressure. If your own plumbing system has been making strange, vibrating sounds consider the following possible causes to help you find the solution.

Loose pipes
One possible cause of vibrating pipes is that one of them is loose somewhere in the wood framing of your home. A plumber should be able to locate the loose pipe and proceed by securing the pipe with pipe clips.

The plumber will need to open a space in the area where the pipes are accessible. This is typically in the basement or where an access panel is available. The plumber will then watch the pipes for any additional rattling when the water is turned on.

Water hammer
Water hammer is another possible cause of vibrating and noisy pipes. Water hammer is when water repeatedly stops and starts in the pipes because of valves that close too fast. The result is a hammering sound.

Water hammer can be fixed by adding a water hammer arrestor to the pipes with the fast-closing valves. However, because this process typically involves cutting the pipes it's absolutely essential this job is performed by professionally licensed plumbers.

Water pressure
Finally, another problem that could be causing your noisy pipes is that the water pressure in your home is too high. High water pressure can cause not only a vibrating noise but also major damage to your pipes. Fortunately, a plumber should be able to fix the problem by adding a pressure-reducing valve to your plumbing system's main line.

If you're experiencing noisy pipes, there could be a deeper underlying problem that requires the professional eye of a plumbing contractor Michiana IN trusts. Contact the plumbing and water heater services of Ace Plumbing today for more information on water heater repair, drain cleaning, and plumbing repair.